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Online Entrance Exam

** Entrance Exam (written test) (* The online exam functions only with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.0 or above version Browser)



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Note : Read each instruction given here carefully before attempting this online written test :

The process of appearing in online examination is as follows :
1. It is an Online Examination system, fully computerized, user friendly having advanced security features making it fair, transparent and standardized.
2. Candidate should appear in this online examination using desktop/laptop/Smartphone and a good speed internet connection. Web cam should be on throughout the examination (written text and next day for interview).
3. Online Exam Date & Time : Sat, 21st Nov, 2020 at 11 am to 12:30 pm
4. The candidates will have to enter their username and password (which they have received through their e-mail ID and/or mobile number) to log-in through a given link.
5. The candidate’s details appear on the screen after log-in, have to be verified by them. In order to get profile and instructions you are required to press the icon shown on the top left corner of your screen.
6. The Time of the examination will start only when the ‘Start Test’ button is pressed.
7. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. There is no negative marking.
8. This online test consists of 100 multiple-choice types of questions have to be completed within 90 minutes (One hour and thirty minutes).
9. The answers (options) for every question can be changed only before moving to next question. Once any question answered cannot be modified. CANDIDATE CANNOT MOVE TO PREVIOUS QUESTION ONCE ANSWERED. Therefore, be careful while opting for right answer (option).
10. The candidate proceeds answering the coming questions one by one by clicking on the next button (which is at the Bottom Right of screen).
11. The remaining time is displayed on the Right Top Corner of the screen.
12. The system automatically SHUTS DOWN when the time limit is over or alternatively if examinee finishes the exam before time he can exist by pressing the ‘SAVE AND FINISH’ button.
13. The candidates don’t click the “SAVE AND FINISH/END” button until the student wants to exist from Examination.
14. Extra Exam Attempt will not be provided if
.: Candidate fails to appear for exam within specified timings.
.: Candidate does not appear for the exam.
.: Candidate appears for exam, but faces lack of time.
.: Candidate does not submit the exam properly.
.: Candidate faces internet or power failure problems.
15. For Enquiry Contact :- +91-0771-4223370


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